After competing and coaching competitive collegiate gymnastics, Dan Poe and his late wife, Pam, started coaching at a local YMCA. After several years of enjoyable coaching but sick of battling corporate red tape and internal politics, Dan and Pam began looking for a space of their own, to develop young athletes with their own program, from the ground up.

In 1981, they realized their dreams and opened Gymnastics Michiana (at its' first location). With a passion for the sport and a love for kids, parents and students alike recognized that Gymnastics Michiana was a great place for both fun and athletic development. Word spread and our recreational program and competitive team got bigger. Even after a few expansions and improvements, Gymnastics Michiana still outgrew itself. On Thanksgiving weekend of 1998, we moved into our current facility. Just over 1 week later, Pam was tragically killed in an automobile accident.

In May of 2000, Dan and Pam's son, Andy, graduated from Indiana University with a degree in Exercise Physiology and a concentration in Business and moved back home to work and coach here at GM. In August of 2006, Dan turned the day-to-day management over to Andy. We have made big improvements to our facility, our lessons plans, and our staff. We constantly strive to give our customers more value for their money and over-deliver on our promises. We look forward to showing you why GM is the premier choice for athletic development in the Michiana area!