All of our classes are 45 minutes long.
This allows us enough time to be productive without placing undue stress on beginning athletes.
All classes meet once a week, however, we strongly encourage you to sign up for at least twice per week.
Students progress much faster taking more than once per week and we give you a discount, too!
We take new sign-ups up to half-way through the session.
Check on our homepage to see how far along in the session we are.
Since we function in sessions, you only commit to the length of the session, most of which are around 8 weeks long. Plus, it's easy to continue with us and it's easy to stop, which are both done during our Priority Re-Enrollment period.
We do not offer trial classes unless it is a special promotion.
The number of students we have had take a class and not want to come back is so low that it's pointless!
We do not require you to purchase a leotard/outfit from us.
We do encourage girls to wear leotards but athletic shorts and a t-shirt are fine for either boys or girls.
We do ask that students to wear socks and if their hair is long, please have it pulled back from their face.
We allow up to two make-up classes per session for each class you are registered for, if they are excused.
To qualify as an excused absence, you must notify us in advance and we will issue you a make-up token, which you can use to make up your missed class at a later date.
Make-Up tokens are good for 60 days from the date of issue.
Make-Ups must be scheduled with the front desk.
You must have a make-up token to schedule a make-up class.
Make-Up tokens are issued to people who notify us in advance of an upcoming absence.
We are located on Home St. between Day Rd. and McKinley/US 20. in Mishawaka, IN
If you would like a map or directions, click HERE.
All of the gymnastics and tumbling classes will meet in our gym - it's one big space.
Preschool classes meet on the South side of the gym; there's an additional viewing area for this space.
We have 1-way mirrors between the lobby and the gym through which you may always watch your child.
We also have a large balcony area which we open up twice per session - these are our Watch Weeks.
The first week of the session is always a Watch Week.
The 4th week of a 5-week session and the 6th week of 8 or 9-week sessions are also Watch Weeks.
We accept cash, check, and Visa, Mastercard, or Discover.
Enrollment can be done in person, over the phone, or online.
We will hold your child's spot for up to 1 week until we receive payment.
Online enrollments require you to make a payment to hold that spot.
You may switch days/times within the first two weeks of the session if there is space in another class.
After the first two weeks, you must wait until Priority Re-Enrollment and fill out a Transfer Request Form.
Students that are ready to move up will receive a certificate indicating what class they are moving up to.
Students that do not receive move-up certificated should enroll in the same class for the next session.
New students have 1 week to make a payment and secure their enrollment spot.
Online enrollments require you to make a payment to hold that spot.
Current students re-enrolling for the following session must make a payment during Priority Re-Enrollment.
Failure to make a payment during this re-enrollment period will result in forfeiting your spot in the next session.
During Priority Re-Enrollment, you may add additional classes or siblings.
There is space on our Transfer Request Forms to indicate this; our desk staff can help you.