Gymnastics Michiana offers several levels of tumbling classes to meet the needs of the beginning to the advanced level tumbler ages 7 & up. Our Tumbling Program uses a wide variety of tumbling surfaces and training aids to get the gymnast confident in their abilities while keeping them safe during the learning process. Students in our Tumbling Program will follow a logical progression designed to develop a basic skill-set and build more advanced skills from there.

We limit all of our classes to eight (8) students so each and every child gets lots of attention from the instructor. All classes meet one (1) time per week, although we recommend at least twice per week for your child to make the best progress. Your child can move up through our Tumbling Program by gaining the skills needed to graduate to the next level. Our goal, however, is personal progress. We want every child to feel good about their own accomplishments. Our focus is safety, fun, and development. Check below to see where your child begins.

This class is for those who want to learn tumbling skills only and are not interested in working the apparatus (vault, bars, and beam). This class builds a foundation of tumbling skills for students to use when they move onto every other tumbling class. This class should be taken prior to Tumbling 2, if little or no experience. See when this class meets
In this class, the gymnast will be working on front and back walkovers, front and back handsprings, one-arm cartwheels, and round-off back handsprings. (Must have pre-requisite skills to be in this class.) See when this class meets
More advanced tumbling is done on such things as aerial cartwheels and series of back handsprings as well as front and back somersaults. The gymnast should have control of a back and front handspring before taking this class.(Must have pre-requisite skills to be in this class.) See when this class meets
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