With a world-wide pandemic affecting all of our personal lives, it has also affected most aspects of our business practices here, as well.
In order for us to reopen after being shut-down for the last two months, we must make some changes...
In accordance to guidelines outlined by the governor of Indiana and St. Joseph County, for us to do business right now:
We will have hand-sanitizer available at the door for all to use as they enter and exit the facility.
We will require masks/face coverings to be worn inside (except those with medical exceptions).
We will follow proper Social Distancing guidelines whenever possible.
We will clean equipment after each use (as well as students hands before and after each use).
We will limit the number of simultaneous classes in the gym to follow social distancing guidelines.

We, as a business, have also decided to make the following changes until we deem it safe to alter them again:
We ask that you either drop your child off at the door and wait in your car, or walk your child in and go back to your car, if you feel comfortable doing that.
(Minimizing the number of people in our facility will help with curbing the spread of any contagions as well as keep our capacity numbers where they need to be.)
We will be trying to run classes with social distancing practices, attempting to keep the children 6 feet apart.
  *With gymnastics being a "strenuous exercise", we will NOT be requiring the class participants to wear face coverings (although they may at your/their discretion).
We do ask anyone waiting in our lobby or balcony area to wear a face covering while inside the facility.
(Note: We will have masks available for purchase at the gym.)
We have marked our bleachers to indicate a 6ft minimum distance between patrons.
(We are also opening up our balcony area to further spread out and if you feel comfortable, waiting in your car would be best.)
We will be checking the temperature of anyone staying in the facility with a touchless forehead thermometer.
(This includes our staff, the class participants, and any parents or siblings that choose to wait inside.)
If you do insist on waiting inside, please keep any other children not participating sitting with you.
(Again, these are temporary measures being taken to protect EVERYONE. We hope to relax these restrictions as time goes on and it's safe to do so.)
Please have your child dressed and ready to particpate upon arrival (wear footwear into the facility).
(We would like to almost completely eliminate the usage of our locker rooms (except to go to the bathroom) as social distancing will be very difficult in such an enclosed area.)
We are blocking off our drinking fountains, as they tend to be a very commonly-touched point of possible contagion-spread.
(Please bring your own water/sports bottle with you (please have your child's name on it) and we have drinks available for purchase at our facility, as well.)
We are not allowing any open-gym time.
(We cannot track and clean every place students go/touch without an instructor.)
We reserve the right to ask anyone to remove themselves from our facility if we feel like they are a possible health hazard to our employees or other patrons of our establishment.
(If you are coughing, sneezing, or otherwise seem ill of health, we don't want to risk possible contamination to others, even if you are wearing a mask. Please be respectful of our new policies and the health of others if there is any possibility that you are sick. Thank you for understanding and for your cooperation in this matter.)

Also, there are further changes to our practices and curriculum we'll be making in order to take extra precautions and help prevent any possible spread of contagions.
This is an unprecedented time for us and we're doing the best we can to navigate these uncharted waters.
We want to be open for you all but we also want EVERYONE to be as safe as possible.

Thank you for understanding and for sticking with us!
We appreciate your patronage and support and are very much looking forward to seeing you all again!
In the meantime, stay safe and healthy.

Gym Michiana